28 maggio 2012

L' Energizer Night Run vista dall'amica inglese J. Reynolds

Sign me up for Energizer Night Run Edition Two!
I hadn’t planned to take part in the Energizer Night Run. Already registered for the Giro del Varesotto and having agreed to participate in “1 ora in pista” by Atletica Vittuone on the same day as the Energiser, I thought it would be a little over the top – 4 races in 3 days is a lot by anyone’s standards. But then I couldn’t resist joining friends on the start line, kitted out with our headlamps, finding familiar faces in the crowds and preparing for a fun, relaxing “non-competitive” race.
My legs were aching as we lined up on the start line and more than once I asked myself what I was doing. But then the atmosphere took over. Friends – some serious runners, others who put on a pair of trainers for the first time on Sunday evening – were lined up next to each other in the Arena, nervously and excitedly waiting for the start.
And then we were off! I forgot that I was tired as thousands of runners - all vying for first position – leapt into action. This was one of the first races in which I’ve managed to simply run for the enjoyment of running, no looking at the time, distance or pace, just running as fast as you can trying to catch up with the person in front of you. As it got later and became dark, looking ahead and behind all you could see was a stream of lights.
Back at the meeting point after the finish (the giant Powerade bottle), we all had a personal story to tell. From winning the race (grande Andrea!) to completing the first ever 5km (complimenti Cecilia!) we left happy, enthusiastic, hungry and tired – but ready for the next challenge. Congratulations to the race organisers, everything from registration through to refreshments worked smoothly and efficiently, and let’s not forget it was all in a good cause.
Sign me up for Energizer Night Run Edition Two!
Joanne Reynolds

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